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dealers electrical supply is a privately held, employee-owned company engaged in the distribution and wholesale of electrical supplies to the commercial, residential, and industrial construction industries and electric utility companies.  In addition, the company also supports OEM and MRO automation and operates retail lighting branches.  dealers electrical supply currently ranks as one of the nation's largest electrical distributors and has locations in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wyoming, Louisiana, Colorado and North Dakota.


Signify is the new company name of Philips Lighting. Signify is the

world leader in connected LED products, systems, and services.


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Light to go
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dealers electrical supply was founded in Waco, Texas in 1946.   Presently, Dealers operates through 64 branch locations in 56 different cities in North, South, East, West, and Central Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wyoming, Louisiana, Colorado and North Dakota.  It's Corporate Headquarters are located at 2320 Columbus Avenue in Waco, TX.  Since 1946, dealers electrical supply has responded to the needs of the electrical industry.  With 64 branch locations in 56 different cities, Dealers' capabilities have been proven in some of the largest buildings, nuclear energy plants, computer chip manufacturers, and generating stations.  We are qualified to assist our customers with a wide variety of construction projects.  Excellence in service comes from TOTAL COMMITMENT.  Whether it's the capability to reserve materials at any of the 64 locations, or an after hours call, Dealers is totally committed to serving the electrical industry.  A large and complete inventory allows faster service and quick deliveries.  An online, real time, computerized inventory system allows total access to all inventories, regardless of the location. Our sales personnel's only job function is to provide SERVICE


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