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Dealers Electrical Supply currently ranks as one of the nation’s largest electrical distributors operating from 55 branch locations.  Dealers Electrical Supply is a privately held, "employee owned company" engaged in the wholesale distribution of electrical supplies to the commercial, residential, and industrial construction industries.  In addition, the company also supports OEM and MRO automation and operates retail lighting branches.  

If there were only one word available to capsule the story of the growth and strength of Dealers Electrical Supply, that word is trust.  Our most important company objectives, intense quality control, exceptional inventory, financial integrity, personalized service by qualified personnel, all have been projected and ultimately achieved because of the environment of personal trust we enjoy with our customers.


We are confident you’ll find what you need, when you need it. Whether you are searching for the latest in power distribution and control equipment or custom cut wire, dealers electrical supply is your full line electrical supply distributor.  Our excellence in service comes from TOTAL COMMITMENT.  Regardless if it's a need to reserve material from any of the branch locations or an after hours call, dealers is committed to the electrical industry.

US Dept Of Energy lists the following as a general guide:

  • 75W bulb = approximately 1100 lumens with an energy-saving bulb 

  • 60W bulb = approximately 800 lumens with an energy-saving bulb 

  • 40W bulb = approximately 450 lumens with an energy-saving bulb 

  • Follow the link below for additional lighting tools


Instead of purchasing lightbulbs based on their energy usage (watts), use the following information to choose lights based on the amount of light they provide.

When searching for lights, compare lumens instead of watts.  The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the lightbulb.


dealers electrical supply

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