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Trusted electrical products designed to protect people, equipment, and facilities by providing exceptional safety and reliability in the harshest environments. 


Appleton™ GRT75


Appleton™ UNY75NR

  • Explosionproof, dust-ignitionproof

  • Ten hub arrangements with integral mounting flange and covers

  • Malleable iron bodies have high tensile strength, ductility and provides great resistance to corrosion, impact, and shock

  • Accurately tapped, tapered hub threads for tight, rigid joints and ground continuity

  • Internally threaded body with externally threaded cover

  • Covers have pry notches for bar or wrench

  • Accommodate sealing, dome, hub and union hub covers, and canopies

  • Standard o-rings provide raintight fit; NEMA 3, 4

  • Internal ground screw standard

  • Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub type box protects conductor insulation

  • Used with threaded metal conduit for general purpose wiring

  • Function as sealing fittings when used with sealing covers. See local electrical codes for restrictions

  • Explosionproof, dust-ignitionproof

  • Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub protects conductor insulation

  • Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints and ground continuity

  • Non-expansion unions are concretetight.

  • Expansion unions are a one-piece design that eliminates the need for disassembly during installation. The telescoping cylinder within cylinder design permits expansion or contraction. Both standard or long types are available

  • The small external diameter of the expansion unions makes them ideal for use in restricted areas, such as the wiring of pumps, motors, and other equipment. 


Appleton™ ACP3034BC

  • Interlocked disconnect switch provides safe connect and disconnect operation at 30, 60 or 100 Amp, 600 Vac maximum, three pole, non-fused motor circuit switch

  • To operate, insert the plug and turn receptacle collar to the ON position. To remove the plug, turn the plug to the OFF position and pull the plug out

  • Style 2 (shell and extra pole) grounding

  • Spring door keeps dust out of receptacle when plug is not in use. Screw cover also supplied free of charge for NEMA 4 applications.

  • Brass contacts exert constant pressure along entire contact surface and provide superior electrical contact

  • Insulators provide superior dielectric and mechanical strength and lowest arc tracking

  • Contacts have beryllium copper wire springs

  • Tapped NPT conduit openings at top and bottom: 30 Amp 3/4#8221;, 60 Amp 1-1/2#8221;, 100 Amp 2#8221;

  • Large housing provides ample wiring room

  • Powertite™ Series plug fits hazardous location FSQC receptacles

Certified Protection for Any Environment

Electrical products that work flawlessly under the harshest conditions go unnoticed everyday.  The Appleton brand has long been the hallmark for the protection of people and equipment while delivering reliable power. Appleton's fittings, lighting, and power distribution solutions are designed to operate without incident: because failure is not an option.